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Socks Charity Financials 

Our timeline

Our First 4 months, 2020

The beginning of the charity officially started in October of 2020.   Aeropro Coaching started the charity to bring awareness to those fighting cancer.  The first donation were made by Aeropro as the official charity was forming.   By October we had received official 501(c)(3) designation and we were off.    

2020 990-pf

Our first full year, 2021 

Our first official full year!  In this year, we started to ramp up sock sales and started our online store.  In addition, we held our first two events: The Socks Century and Gala, raising a sizable amount that played a large role in our 2022 financial assistance provided to families in need.   Most of the donations came in December of 2021 after our Gala. 

2021 990-pf

Our focus for 2022

This year we were able to make the biggest impact on families since the start of The Socks Charity.   The funds raised in 2021 along with socks sales in 2022 has allowed the charity to help the greatest amount of people thus far!     

Our focus was to grow marginally, keep a steady inventory of socks on hand, strengthen our monthly awareness ride, refocus on marketing and get the charity in front of more people.    

In 2022, we secured a food sponsor for our monthly Socks Ride.  In 2021, one of our largest expenses was the food & drink given out during rides.   La Segunda Bakery stepped up and has provided free drinks and food for all our rides.  P

At the start of 2023 we will be announcing a new marketing partnership!   They will be revamping our page, content and overall feel for the cause.     Best part, they are doing it pro bono.  


2022 990-pf

The Socks Charity was started with a single donation of $250.00 from a Mr. Cliff Maker.  Mr. Maker sent a card to the founder, Roy Foley.  In the card was a $250.00 check and a note saying ``give this to your favorite charity".   At which point, Roy decided to start his own charity from this single donation.   The origins of the charity did not start with some large corporate funding or massive wealth but with a simple check from a modest gentleman.    Since, the charity has grown due to the grassroots effort of so many buying socks, making donations and coming to events.  


As you review the above financials you will notice that not a single cent goes to salaries.   At this time no one is taking a salary, every cent is used to make The Socks Charity a success.   The only way we can continue to help those in need is by being a viable Charity.   We take being the custodians of your money very seriously and maximize every penny.   Each of you who have helped us along the way play a vital role.  When we hand out the checks to families, we do so on YOUR behalf and thanks to YOUR generosity.    

The Socks Charity continues to grow each year.  The challenges we face are staying relevant, growing, and keeping it at the top of people's minds.  We all become busy in our routines, families, work and other commitments.  But as the great Winston Churchill once said, "We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give."


In Person

Come visit our office in West Tampa.  You can make a donation or buy THE SOCKs!


1702A N Howard Ave

Tampa, FL 33605




Over the Phone

Text or call us if you want to help make a difference 


By Email or Mail

Feel free to email us on how you can help.  OR mail in donations

at 1702A N Howard Ave; Tampa, FL 33607.  Make donations to The Socks Charity.  

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