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I'm no different than anyone else who has watched a loved one battle cancer.   I saw the pain and felt the suffering.   My mom passed away from renal cell cancer.  She was the strongest, most caring and giving person I know.  I wore FU CANCER socks in honor of her fight.   Upon her passing someone sent me a card with a check for $250.00.  They said "give this to your favorite charity." I was like crap, I do not have a favorite charity.   Two more people sent me checks.  At that very moment I decided to start my own charity.   Six weeks later my dad passed away.   Yes, I lost both my parents in a span of 6 weeks.   This charity is to honor them and help those in need. 

THE SOCKs CHARITY started by accident.  We are raising money to help those directly impacted.  I was fortunate to be able to spend the last moments of my parents life with them.   Not everyone gets that chance.  We want to help with the financial burden.   Our mission is to put money directly in the hands of people in need.  We will help with the cost of care, transportation, lodging  and any way possible to relieve the financial burden.   

If you needed assistance please contact us and give us your story.   We are here to help as many as possible.  We can't help everyone yet!  But, with your assistance WE WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

This is for you mom, dad and brother!  I love you so very much!

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