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Lonnie Choate Family

Buying a simple pair of socks is making a difference!

Lonnie Choate, Assistant Principal at Martinez Middle School in Lutz, Fl. In March 2021 he was diagnosed with Primary Cutaneous Anaplastic large cell Lymphoma ALK negative. Lonnie underwent a scan and bone marrow test the day after diagnosis and started chemo immediately. His type of cancer was progressing rapidly. Lonnie had a large tumor removed that was malignant and had radiation everyday for a month. Now he is on a regimen of chemo and radiation. The hope is to get the cancer under control enough that he can have a bone marrow transplant.

Mr. Choate is an incredibly compassionate educator who loves his job, kids and colleagues. He is married to Jaymi Choate. They have a 29 year old daughter, 25 year old son and 6 year old son named Easton. Throughout his treatments he has only missed a few days of school, even dragging himself in after treatment so that he can”be there for the kids”.

The Socks Charity!

The Choate family is the next recipient of a Socks Charity grant. Putting funds directly into the hands of those who need it most is our focus. Thanks to everyone's support we can help the Choate family..

Please buy some socks, support he cause and allow us to help other families fight this horrible disease.

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