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Updated: Jan 21, 2021

We are making a difference one pair of socks at a time.

My mom battled renal cell cancer for 18 months. This type of cancer has no cure. The impact it has on everyone it touches, is brutal. I am a cyclist, cycling coach and bike fitter. During my mom's fight I wore FU Cancer socks in her honor. My mom lost her son, my brother, due to a bike accident. So, working with cyclist and bikes is very ironic.

In her honor

Upon my mom's passing I recieved a card with a check for $250.00. It was from a gentleman named Cliff. I did a bike fit on him the week prior to my mom's passing. In his note to me he said "give these funds to your favorite charity." I didn't really have a favorite charity at the time. So, I came up with my own, THE SOCKS CHARITY. #thesockscharity

The Socks!

We will make a difference!

I started with giving a FREE pair of FU Cancer socks to everyone who purchased a bike fit. I would donate $25.00 towards The Sock Charity for every fitting and the customer received a pair of socks. Next step, I took my own money and purchased 130 pairs of custom FU Cancer socks.

I figured at the very worst I would lose $1300 but give away a lot of FU Cancer awareness. BUT, the socks started selling like crazy. Within 10 days we sold 125 pairs and I placed a re-order for 250 more. The socks are sold for $35.00, with every single penny of profit going back into THE SOCKS CHARITY!

The Socks Ride!

Part of the charity is to bring awareness to our local community. We have created a monthly "The Socks" ride. Everyone who buys a pair of socks is welcome to share in this experience. NO SOCKs, NO SERVICE! Each month we will ride 50-60 miles in honor of those suffering. The FINAL sock ride of the year will be a 100 miler for charity.


What started with a very kind gesture has turned into a full on 501(3)(c) charity. We are receiving check donations weekly! We promise every single cent of these donations will go to people in need. We believe in this so much, I made this website myself. Instead of paying someone I built this site to ensure we put as much money as possible into the hands of those in need.

Where does the money go?

Our focus is to hand money directly to those in need. We do not want to hand money over to large "corporations". But, find people directly in need and provide assistance. If someone needs financial assistance to be with a loved one before they pass away, we want to help. I directly saw how being with your loved ones effects them. There are so many unique situations and we want to help.

How? We will use this very website to seek out and vet those in need. We can't help everyone but tell US your story and need. We will do our very best to provide assistance. We will these stories in order to raise awareness and help others.

How 2.0? We will use a few local resources to place funds directly into the hands of those in needed. This can be kids, kids with cancer, those fighting cancer and the families impacted.

I was very fortunate to have a career that allowed me the opportunity to help my parents. I had the ability to be with them as they passed away under Hospice care. I know how impactful this can be for a family.

How can you help?

Buy some SOCKs! But, on a serious you can make a difference in 4 ways:

1) Send a check to The Socks Charity 1702A N Howard Ave Tampa, FL 33607. This is a fully tax deductible contribution.

2) Buy some SOCKs! $35.00 a pair with every single bit of profit going to The Socks Charity.

3) Come ride with us during one of our SOCKs rides.


The Sock's charity was started on accident. It wasn't something planned but just happened due to personal tragedy. Over the course of 8 weeks I lost both my parents. The only way I could make sense of it was to do something positive.


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