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The Socks Community

How do we find recipients of The Socks Charity financial assistance? We do this through our socks community. Those who buys socks, take part in events, donate or who have received financial assistance become part of the community. This community refers those in need to us and we jump into action. As the community grows so does our ability to help others and bring awareness.

One of the Socks community members brought to our attention a co-workers 5 year old who is battling cancer. We read reached out to the mother and have been providing financial assistance.

"Thank you for reaching out, my sons name is Xzavien, he is 5 years old and was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia on Oct 27, 2021. Chemotherapy for A.L.L. Is expected to last 2.5 years if there are no set backs, with the first 9 months being the most intense. He started Kindergarten in August but due to the intensity of chemo he will not be able to finish. We are all heartbroken for him, he is having a hard time understanding why he is still in the hospital and why he has a port in. We are all praying and keeping our fingers crossed so he can go back to being our fun loving, energetic, and loving 5 year old. "

Become part of the community today! Buy some socks, become a donor and/or join one of our events.

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