Maddox Story!

We are making a difference one pair of socks at a time.

Thanks to your generosity a simple sock purchase helped little Maddox battle. He is fighting cancer and needed our help. Our second donation as a charity went to this little warrior.

Children should never endure this type of pain. The Socks Charity was founded to help kids like Maddox and their family. When we hand over a check, we feel everyone's energy. We feel your spirit of giving and caring. We are not just wearing socks. We are touching people's lives and giving hope.

What makes "The Socks" charity unique? We plan to share each story of those we help.

Below is from Momma Maddox. She tells the story of a mom and son battling cancer together.

Momma Maddox "His fight is my fight and I won’t stop till this is forever gone"

Maddox was born on August 2, 2017. He was diagnosed at 18 months old on February 17th 2019 with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia- B Cell standard risk. He was inpatient at the hospital for 29 days during all of induction.

He completed delayed intensification on 8/9/19 and began IM2 (interim maintenance 2) the last week of August. He’s been admitted for mucusitis, neutropenia and an allergic reaction to PEG-L-asparaginase (which was frightening) all on separate occasions.

He’s never learned to run because of The leukemia and still struggles daily on walking and most of all running. The chemotherapy is making it worse but we’re hoping with physical therapy and once he’s off treatment, it will improve.

It’s has always been a struggle to get him to eat... but that’s normal because of the chemo... Communication was sometimes a guessing game because he was still only a baby at diagnosis and didn’t know how to articulate what his pains are ... he’s getting better at it.

Overall through. He’s a rockstar and is going through this nightmare with a big beautiful smile on his face. To him, this is normal life. He doesn’t know anything different. We still have a long road a head but praying everyday for it to go as smoothly as possible for him.

Recently, he contracted COVID-19 however he was asymptotic and it was like he didn’t even have it all. I guess god spared them of this awful virus luckily he also wasn’t shedding the virus.

If I can take this all away from him and endure it all for him 10 folds, I would in a heart beat.

This has been an absolutely heartbreaking experience that has shaken me down to my core. Some days I feel ok, others not so much but I just keep telling myself, “if he’s smiling and happy, so should I.” No matter what we must keep fighting, we don’t have a choice. His fight is my fight and I won’t stop till this is forever gone.