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Giving Directly To Families

Giving to those directly in need is our mission!

Giving to those directly in need is one of our main focuses—cancer affects so many people. I cried reading this message about this mom of two. Thanks to all of you who have donated and purchased socks, we can help families like Bridgette's.

“We want to say Thank You, SOCK's Community, for reaching out with assistance during this dire time. It was like a warm hug from a friend.

At the young age of 42, Bridgette, a single mom of two teenage boys, was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma. They told her the best treatment would consist of a partial mass mastectomy and many weeks of radiation.

Bridgette is a strong, independent woman who has always been the sole provider for her two boys. She has pushed ahead in life, built a career, and recently completed her bachelor's degree. And time and time again, she has hurdled herself and her family over many obstacles. We, her family, stand beside Bridgette, and we are so thankful to say that THE SOCK's Charity is standing here, too, as Bridgette conquers this medical challenge.”

The Socks, The Rides, The Donations, The Awareness, The Cause!!!

Please buy some socks, wear them, tag us and tell others. You are touching the lives of so many people with a simple pair of socks.

I love every one of you for your support!!

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